Safety first, Bai'an is by your side!!

Bai'an group is headquartered in Yingdu Town, a warm water town in China, northwest of Quanzhou, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in southeast coast of Fujian Province. Founded in 1984, it is a diversified and comprehensive enterprise group integrating the development, production, sales, installation and service of fire products, valves, anti-seismic supports and hangers, integrated pipe gallery and other industries, and is recognized as the leading enterprise of Quanzhou City. Under the jurisdiction of the group, there are Bai'an fire prevention Technology Co., Ltd., Bai'an valve fire Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Xinghuo Valve Co., Ltd Xiamen staples Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Bai'an Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. The company has a standard factory building and office building with fixed assets of 85 million yuan and 110000 square meters.

Our company took the lead in the industry in passing iso9001:2015 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, weapon equipment quality management system, intellectual property management system, industrialization and information integration management system, five-star after-sales service certification, valve and pipeline TS certification, industrial and trade enterprise three-level safety standardization enterprise certification, pipeline Evaluation of rubber drinking water and occupational hazards of employers.

Our company has increased R & D investment, committed to new product development, participated in the drafting of national standards such as wet alarm valve, retarder, hydraulic alarm bell, end water test device, sprinkler for glass separation, and formulated and issued nearly 20 industry standards such as anti-theft, encrypted fire hydrant, intelligent fire hydrant, intelligent fire hydrant terminal, etc., and obtained Nearly 30 product patents, including five invention patents.

Our company and "Bai'an" trademark have been awarded the honorary titles of China famous trademark, Fujian famous trademark, Quanzhou famous trademark, national high-tech enterprise, Fujian science and technology enterprise, Fujian science and technology small giant leading enterprise, Quanzhou "science and technology small giant", enterprise credit "AAA" grade enterprise, Nan'an "enterprise labor security law-abiding and integrity class a enterprise", etc Ping An Property Insurance Company of China is responsible for the product quality liability insurance. It is now a member of China Fire Protection Association, a member of Fujian fire protection quality association, and a standing vice president of Nanan Fire Protection Equipment Association. It is an online certification enterprise of "all military weapons and equipment procurement information network".

After years of development, products from simplification to diversification and serialization development, the existing 3C certificate nearly 200, and constantly optimize the quality of products, adhere to the quality requirements of military products to do civilian products, enhance brand influence and market competitiveness, the main products are pressure proportional mixing device, semi solid (portable type) foam fire extinguishing device, closed foam water sprinkling device. Low multiple air foam generator, foam gun, foam sprinkler, foam hydrant, foam fire extinguishing agent, terminal water test device, cabinet type HF propane extinguishing device, foam / water dual purpose gun, stationary fire extinguishing gun, automatic tracking and locating jet fire extinguishing device, wet alarm valve, rain alarm valve, pre action device, water indicator, sprinkler head, early suppression There are more than 20 categories and hundreds of specifications, such as quick response sprinkler, fire signal butterfly valve, fire signal gate valve, fire gate valve, fire butterfly valve, outdoor fire hydrant, fire pump adapter, fire hydrant box, lined fire hose, fire hose reel, indoor fire hydrant, DC water gun, fire interface, fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher box, common valve, seismic support and hanger, integrated pipe gallery, etc GE's product group, recently developed intelligent fire hydrant and intelligent end water test device are also gradually pushed to the market. The products are widely used in telecommunication, civil aviation, chemical industry, electric power, real estate, military industry and other industries. They have been tested by the market and time for a long time, and are highly praised and praised by users.