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East China Normal University

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Bai'an group is headquartered in Yingdu Town, a warm water town in China, northwest of Quanzhou, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in southeast coast of Fujian Province. Founded in 1984, it is a diversified and comprehensive enterprise group integrating the development, production, sales, installation and service of fire products, valves, anti-seismic supports and hangers, integrated pipe gallery and other industries, and is recognized as the leading enterprise of Quanzhou City. Under the jurisdiction of the group, there are Bai'an fire prevention Technology Co., Ltd., Bai'an valve fire Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Xinghuo Valve Co., Ltd Xiamen staples Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Bai'an Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. The company has a standard factory building and office building with fixed assets of 85 million yuan and 110000 square meters. ......


Ground fire pump adapter

Multi purpose ground fire pump adapter

Northeast underground fire pump adapter

Zhejiang type ground fire pump adapter

Multi purpose underground fire pump adapter

Wall adapter (improved)

Double bend fire water monitor

Self priming fire monitor